by Rasmus Wærling Riiser,
Social Media, Cadpeople

What time is it? That’s right, it’s VR time. Here’s the latest and greatest from the world of AR and VR:

Apple looking to enter the VR market?

Is Apple planning an entrance to the VR stage? Last year, Apple filed a patent called “Optical System for Head-mounted Display”, indicating that the world’s most valuable company may be working on a VR headset.

The patent details an unusual optical system that can potentially make HMDs more light and comfortable to wear. It will be exciting to see what Apple may bring to the table in the future! Dive into the 6000+ word patent here. ;)

VR physics game cheers up the classroom

Danish VR studios Khora VR and Fuzzy House have unveiled UP’N’ATOM, a new physics game designed for the classroom in Danish public schools. It is a physics learning game aimed at making the classroom activities more fun and increasing learning in the process – two birds with one stone. You can watch a trailer for the game here:

Live sports in VR having a big 2018 so far

2018 is already looking like a big year for live sports broadcasts in VR. TNT and Intel recently announced that weekly NBA games (and the All-Star weekend this week) will be broadcast live in VR and later on-demand.

On-demand VR content from the NFL has been around since 2016, for example, and the MLB streaming app “At Bat” has been VR compatible since May last year (showing games on a 2D screen in a 3D environment), but entire games streamed live in VR and on a weekly basis is a big development.

In addition to the NBA now being available in immersive VR, Intel has partnered up with NBC to broadcast more than 50 hours of live VR coverage across 30 different events during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

What will be the next big sports league or event broadcast live in VR?