On September 10th Ballard Power systems showcased its FCwave fuel cell module during an online event. The event was live-streamed out of Cadpeople’s office from a green screen studio, using a film introduction, 3D modelling, and various visuals with more than a thousand attendees signed up globally.

The FCwave builds on the global efforts to decarbonize and this specific launch includes commercial maritime activities, where Ballard intends to build on their leading position in zero-emission fuel cells, with this product designed for marine vessels – such as passenger and car ferries, river push boats, and fishing boats.

“We are excited to have part of Ballard’s journey towards revealing this – might I say – revolutionary product. At Cadpeople we are closely engaged with customers working for a green agenda, and most people do not know that marine activity is behind 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions, which is actually double what the aviation industry emits. Ballard is determined to change this, and we are proud to be chosen to help them bring the message, ” says Claus Riekehr Møller, CEO at Cadpeople.

Streamed live from Cadpeople HQ

We helped Ballard with their ground-breaking product launch with a live-streamed event produced at Cadpeople HQ in Aarhus. In the recorded live stream, you meet Jesper Themsen, CEO of Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S, Nina Hjorth, Director Strategy & Market Development at Ballard Power Systems, and Dennis Jensen, Vice President of Technology at Ballard Power Systems Europe as presenters.

The recorded live stream is available here.