On January 19th, DI Digital kicks off its digital learning conference EDUCATION 4.0. Cadpeople CEO Claus Riekehr Møller will speak about our vision for digital learning and for the education of the future’s service technicians.

As a board member of DI Digital and one of the main drivers of DI Digital’s digital learning task force, Claus is at the heart of the Danish digital learning industry. An industry characterised by fragmentation – in terms of organisation, implementation, communication, etc. Even the phrase “digital learning” is a controversial one, as there isn’t a clear consensus around the terminology of the industry. The practice of producing digital learning solutions is thought of in different ways across the industry.

This is, in part, what the conference aims to change. Claus explains: “We want to think of digital learning as a new way of doing traditional learning. The digital aspect gives us a golden opportunity – to cut away the boring monologue elements and focus on interactive, participatory learning. At Cadpeople, we always strive to make the complex simple, and hopefully, EDUCATION 4.0 can present the industry with valuable case stories and help to demystify the concept of digital learning. In short, we want to praise digital learning done right.”

Claus, along with Elisabeth Mygind Thorsen of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, will be speaking about the digital training simulator that we developed together with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Using digital simulations with ultra-high-definition touch displays to make the complex education of service technicians simple and cost-effective – this is our vision for the future of digital learning.

You can read much more about EDUCATION 4.0 and the Advanced Training Simulator.