We have chosen to invest in GreenLab Skive and help them promote their work with a brand-new web portal.

The transition to sustainable energy continues! Last week in a broad agreement, the Danish parliament decided to cancel future oil extraction deals in the North Sea – effectively ending extraction of North Sea oil from 2050.

And as we, slowly but surely, move away from fossil fuels, we make room for green innovation. This leads us to the topic of this article; GreenLab.

GreenLab is a green industrial park, a national research facility, and a technology enabler. They constitute the framework for the world’s first full-scale P2X facility, and they offer a unique, intelligent energy platform.

But, despite all their impressive and important work, we felt that not enough people knew anything about GreenLab. Put simply: We wanted to change that.

We all have a responsibility when it comes to our climate ­– even agencies like us. We have worked with Greentech innovators for decades, helping to tell their stories and to #MakeTheComplexSimple. Therefore, we decided that we would invest in GreenLab by doing what we do best – telling their story in a visually powerful way.

So, what have we actually done?

We have designed a brand-new web portal around the idea of an interactive map of GreenLab Skive. With the portal built around a map, it intuitively shows that GreenLab is not only one Greentech initiative, but many. By clicking on the names of the different areas of the park, the user can learn about each of the impressive Greentech initiatives taking place – and, hopefully, more people will be interested to learn what goes on in that industrial park outside Skive, Denmark.

…and before you tell us to stop blowing our own trumpet:

We know that this web portal will not solve climate change. No single action will. But if our fancy-pantsy visual design can help inspire others to invest in green alternatives, or even just to change their everyday habits a bit – then our work has been worthwhile.

See the web portal and learn more about GreenLab Skive here.