Congratulations to Tim, Morten, Philip, Daniel, and the rest of the Replay team!

We recently exited Replay Institute, the VR start-up that we chose to invest in last year – and now, they are ready to take their business to the next level.

After having lifted their product and introduced them to new clients, we chose to let go of our stake in their business – to make room for the type of investments they have now secured. Now, we follow their journey and cheer as enthusiastic fans.

Improving players’ strategic intelligence with VR, touch, and a shit-ton of data

We first met the people behind Replay Institute in early 2020. At that time, they were a small band of technical football enthusiasts with big ambitions of combining big data, tactical research and modern technology to strengthen tactical understanding and develop strategically intelligent football players. To win more matches, naturally.

This ambition strikes right down into Cadpeople’s sweet spot between digital learning, visual communication, VR and – yes, to be quite honest – sheer passion for football and technology. That was an ambition that we could understand and endorse. So, we did.

Replay Institute emerged from a wonder about why, in a multi-billion industry such as football, so few clubs utilise the possibilities of technology to make better decisions and improve their players. There are, after all, sums in the multi-digit millions at play when a player advances, is bought or sold, and when the points on the Premier League board get new places.

Football faces the same journey that the retail trade made in the ’00s – the journey in which data is used purposefully for improvement. But Replay Institute’s ambition to link football data and technology closer together, and thus make complex data intuitive to use, is difficult to realise.

Learn more about the innovative product in the video below:

As part of our investment, we poured our experts’ skill into further developing Replay’s solutions. We took it to the next level, visually and technically, and their business and product steadily matured.

We were there when the defending Superliga champs from FC Midtjylland became Replay’s first major client. And through our network, we introduced them to Middelfart Boldklub, with whom they recently announced a cooperation.

Now, Replay Institute is ready for the next level

And apparently, we are not the only ones who see the potential. Recently, Replay Institute announced growth capital investments from PreSeed Ventures, Business Angel, Bjørn Smidt, and Vækstfonden, totalling 4.500.000 DKK.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Replay have grown from 3 to 9 employees – and now, the goal is to add 10-20 new employees annually.

The capital injection will turbo-charge the rollout of Replay’s digital solution and help establish a strong base in Denmark. From there, Replay Institute have big ambitions for international growth – starting, but definitely not ending, with football.

Congratulations to Replay Institute on opening a new chapter in their story. We are looking forward to following it!