Simulation is a great tech and business buzzword – but what does it entail, and why do we bother with simulations?

What is digital simulation?

Essentially, simulating an experience digitally means creating it in a virtual environment. This virtual environment can be anything from an application on a smartphone, tablet or computer, to augmented or virtual reality – and different technologies offer very different limitations and opportunities. But first, we need to look at why we even bother with simulations at all.

Why do we even need simulations?

Simulation is great for practising situations that are hard to create in real life. A good example is the health and safety education of offshore service technicians – they need to be trained in handling technical defects and dangerous situations, and simulation allows them to practise these situations in a danger-free environment. Making the simulation digital rather than analogue only makes the entire process of training cheaper and easier to keep completely up-to-date.

So, how can digital simulation be used to solve real-life challenges?

At Cadpeople, we developed a ground-breaking training simulator together with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. We pride ourselves on always pushing the envelope on digital technologies, and with this project, we were the first in the industry to use digital simulation in health and safety training. Being digital, the Advanced Training Simulator (ATS) can be updated regularly to ensure up-to-date training. It can be set up in any classroom, allowing theoretical and practical training to take place in the same environment, which makes the training much more coherent. And it only costs around a third of the price of a traditional simulator.

In short, the ATS solves many of the problems that come with the traditional training simulators:

  • Significantly lower construction costs
  • Improved mobility
  • Easy and relatively inexpensive to replicate
  • Easily updatable
  • Can be mounted in a classroom, making training more coherent.

You can learn more about the Advanced Training Simulator here.


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