The last few weeks have given us VR news to be excited about – here is a short overview:

Microsoft launches “Windows Mixed Reality”

Last week, Microsoft launched its own VR platform, “Windows Mixed Reality”. The headsets are similar to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with the very notable exception that they don’t require any external sensors – motion control is handled by the dual cameras on the headset.

Although the platform has been tagged with the “mixed reality” phrase, it is strictly VR for now. But it is clear that Microsoft envisions a future of mixed reality rather than pure VR – something that our own VR Interaction Designer, Frederik, hinted at in this blog post last year.

Facebook wants a billion VR users

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced his goal of a billion VR users at the Oculus Connect conference two weeks ago. This goal is ambitious, but it could also explain the new VR headset that Facebook announced at the conference.

Oculus Go, a new VR headset in the market between the cheap Gear VR and the more expensive Rift, was announced. Headsets like the Oculus Go could potentially help the VR industry reaching a broad, mainstream audience.

AMC launches VR app

In other VR news, the American television network AMC has launched a VR app with an exclusive extended scene from The Walking Dead, filmed and experienced in 360 degrees – another step in the direction of a broad, mainstream audience for virtual reality.