by Rasmus Wærling Riiser, Social Media, Cadpeople

Facebook to test AR ads in News Feed

Facebook will begin to test a feature that lets users see products with AR, directly in the News Feed. As an example, Michael Kors will be among the first brands to test the feature, and the brand’s potential customers will be able to see how the sunglasses suit their face before they buy.

In the end, it’s all about the fact that if brands want to interact with their customers and create a smooth buying experience, then AR is an absolutely brilliant technology. Facebook (and PayPal, for example) sees a future, where you won’t have to go to a store to see how the product will look on your body or in your home. It will be exciting to watch the technology finally fulfil its potential in the coming months.

Niantic teases new AR platform

Niantic, who created a global sensation two years ago with Pokémon GO, has teased a new AR platform that can do some pretty awesome things. The platform, named Niantic Real World Platform, can identify real-life objects like plants, walls, furniture, etc., in real-time. This means that when you’re chasing a Pikachu, it can now move behind walls or furniture in your home.

China develops VR training for its military

With VR, you can give your trainees unique and immersive experiences that stay in their memories far better than a boring PowerPoint – and China has obviously caught on to that. The state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) has developed a VR training system named Intelligent Commando VR Training System, which will be used to simulate combat drills on a virtual battlefield. Scary, huh?