Digital learning comes in many shapes and sizes – and it doesn’t always need to be wrapped in a serious, professional and sleep-inducing LMS framework. Sometimes, a powerful communication tool like gamification is needed to engage a specific target audience.

The benefits of using gamification in digital learning are many. The user engagement that comes from putting the user in the centre of the story is powerful – and when you create content that engages users, you put them in the best possible position to learn. Gamification also brings a social element, because it invites users to share their experiences with their peers – this way, great gamified learning can bring even more content than what is communicated within the game itself, because the shared experiences activate a both professional and personal dialogue.

At Cadpeople, we strive to create experiences that engage people. This is true across our entire solution portfolio – from marketing to visualisation to digital learning. But some target audiences are more difficult to engage than others, and with such projects, we need to utilise special weapons in our communications arsenal.

Gamification is such a weapon. When Moderniseringsstyrelsen presented us with a challenge to change employees’ online security behaviour, we knew that a text-heavy PDF guide would be way too boring. So, in collaboration with the client, we designed a digital learning game for the 100,000 public employees to play through. You can learn much more about that particular project here.