Autonomous cars use it – and NASA will for their next Mars landing mission. And soon, our developers get it too. We are talking about LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging. Now that the technology enables small and less expensive LiDAR units, Apple’s new iPad Pro cameras finally have a technology that promises to eliminate the (already thin) line between the real world and the augmented reality in AR experiences.

The perspectives of LiDAR technology are great! So, we look forward to creating even better, more immersive and powerful ways to learn, explore and have fun with virtual objects that react just like you expect them to!

“Using LiDAR means that we can create AR experiences that are even more precise and realistic because the virtual world will seamlessly slide into the real world.”

Steffen Bech Balle,
VR/AR Developer, Cadpeople A/S

Precise measurements

LiDAR determines distances in your environment by measuring how long it takes light to reach objects and reflect back – just like sonar measures the seabed underwater.

The LiDAR Scanners can measure reflected light from up to five metres away, whereas other cameras are limited to 1-2 metres. These new scanners are much richer on details, are independent of sunlight and darkness and work both indoors and outside.

LiDAR’s detailed measurement enables us to instantly make AR objects appear, house them naturally in the real-world environment and keep them steady – especially if you are more users in the same AR environment.

We are exited to bring this to life in our customers’ future AR solutions!