This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the term ‘welfare technology’ – technology that eases the workload for employees and increases the quality for citizens. And this year, we will take welfare technology to the next level with the virtual reality platform ViVA.

With the new platform, we want to present employees with existing welfare technology in a new and exciting way. A truly inclusive and engaging experience – something that is only really achievable with virtual reality.

Thomas Juel, Partner & CSO at Cadpeople, says about the new platform: “With the development of ViVA, we hope to create a platform that makes welfare technology accessible, and that gives both citizens and families an immersive and thorough introduction to welfare technology through virtual reality – which is a first step on the road to successful implementation.

And “implementation” is an essential word here. A new study done by the Centre for Welfare and Interaction Technology at the Technological Institute showed that welfare technology is crucial in order to maintain the high municipal level of welfare, but that poor implementation is holding the technology back from realising its potential.

With ViVA, we hope to climb this implementation wall and fulfill the potential of welfare technology. Because, as Thomas concludes: “… by the way, we also think that this is an incredibly exciting project, because we can help make a positive difference for a great deal of people.

The project has already drawn interest internationally, with Norway and Iceland glancing at the launching event two weeks ago. Get a glimpse of the action from the event in the video above!

You can also read more about the project here (in Danish).