Name: Allan Dalgaard
Education/Background: Multimediedesigner, Academy of Commerce, Aarhus
Position at Cadpeople:  Digital Learning Specialist
How long at Cadpeople: 7 and a half year

What is the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
That has to be the different tasks we solve here. There is never a day with two identical tasks. That is by far the best thing about working here.

What attracted you to Cadpeople when you applied for a job here?
To be honest, I had a tedious job at a factory when I applied for a job at Cadpeople, so at that time, it was quite easy to find a better job for me. But having said that there is no doubt that Cadpeople and I were and are a perfect match. My skills are useful here, and I work with a large variety of tasks.

I spend most of my day with learning-modules in Articulate, but I also do a bunch of other exciting tasks. For instance, Motion Graphics and small designer tasks.

What is the most important characteristic of an employee here at Cadpeople?
I have been here a while, so I can easily spot the characteristics of the people that stay at Cadpeople, and those who quickly moves on.

Those who stay are the ones that like to change with the company. Our DNA is to be curious and always looking for new solutions on the technological forefront. If you always prefer to do things the same way, there is no big future for you at Cadpeople. That’s my reflection after having been here for almost eight years.

Can you describe Cadpeople in one word or sentence?
Nope. Not unless I can quote our slogan, which is that we make powerful visual experiences. Because that truly is our core values.

Do you have an all-time favorite project? Why?
That must be Universal Robots which was a project I ran pretty much with the client. And we had great teamwork, where we pushed the boundaries for the software limit. At this project, we got the most out of the program, which was a great experience.

We were later awarded a Learning Technology Award for that project which was a great way to celebrate it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to be physically active, so I bike a lot and spend hours at the gym. But I am also a nerd, and I love technology and to know more about how it works. So I have just bought myself a large 3D-printer at home, and now I am busy printing all kinds of stuff.

Playing with new technology is a big hobby for me, and at this moment 3D printing takes a lot of my spare time. I think that the transformation from an idea to a physical object is fascinating and with 3D printing, there is a lot of different technologies combined in one.

I have just finished printing Bender from the cartoon Futurama, so now there is a 50-centimeter tall copy of him in my living room. My next project is to make a model of the rocket from Tintin. This one will be around one meter tall so that it will be a great project.

If you had to mix a bag of candy, what would you choose first?
Definitely chocolate and caramel. As long as you have those two things in your candy bag, you can surely get the job done.