Name Thomas Bohse Hendriksen
Education/background Old school graphic designer
Position at Cadpeople Art Director
How long at Cadpeople? 2 years

What’s the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
Our customers are very different, which is awesome. And I like constantly working with new technologies and pushing the envelope on storytelling through new media channels. Plus, with the social environment here, everybody brings something to the table.

Can you describe Cadpeople in one word or sentence?
Chaos. But in a good way!

If you could dictate the lunch menu, what would you choose?
More cake, and more alcohol!

If you could mix a bag of candy, what would you pick first?
Chocolate. I love those new “P-tærter” with caramel. Or generally chocolate. I have a serious chocolate addiction.

Who are you rooting for in Game of Thrones?
Tyrion. He is really cool.

Who do you think is the best CS:GO player at Cadpeople?
I have a feeling it’s Max. Or maybe Martin.