Celia Maria Kanstrup Bjerg

BA in Visual Fashion Communication

Position at Cadpeople
Junior Art Director

How long at Cadpeople?
Since February 2016

What’s the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
I think it’s the variation in the tasks. You get to use your expertise in a million different ways. It’s all very dynamic, and you’re thrown into all kinds of different exciting things. And of course the community. We’re a lot of different people with different skills being creative together.

What was your favourite customer in 2016?
Probably Solid Group (or Solid Wind Power, as they were called when we started). I love how the project keeps evolving and expanding – we didn’t just design a logo but also a complete visual identity, films, brochures, business cards and a website.

Can you describe Cadpeople in one sentence?
Pushing the boundaries of technology.

If you could dictate the lunch menu, what would you choose?
My chicken and mixed salad, FOR EVERYONE. And maybe some chocolate.

If you could mix a bag of candy, what would you pick first?
Chocolate with liquorice. And then just pure chocolate. And then chocolate covered in cocoa.

Who has the best fashion sense at Cadpeople?
Kristine and myself. We have a similar look, so I hope she says the same about me!