Name Claus Riekehr Møller
Education/background Construction engineer
Position at Cadpeople CEO & Partner
How long at Cadpeople About 25 years

What’s the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
I have to admit that I have the most interesting job in the whole world. The great thing is working with creative people, both at Cadpeople and with our clients, who want to do something, who want to make a difference some way.

Can you describe Cadpeople in one word or sentence?
A big, digital, creative, communicative toolbox.

What is the biggest difference between your everyday life today and your everyday life back when Cadpeople started?
Two things. Firstly, my computer doesn’t crash 60 times a day. And secondly, back then I had project deadlines myself, working in Photoshop late at night, and today a lot of my work is in Outlook.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?
I think it’s super exciting that we get to ride along on the journey of the energy industry trying to change the world’s energy production. We get to be a part of that, and we get to influence the communication strategy of it. It’s an exciting place to be, because we have to think critically about what values we want to emphasise to create the future that our customers would like to achieve

I remember clearly when I was young in the 1970’s and a journalist was telling us that the toxic green Brabrand Lake was a sign that our industry had taken big leaps forward – of course we couldn’t bathe there. When they came to their senses, they said it would take a thousand years to restore. It took 10 years. And now, we are facing an energy challenge, and I’m beginning to see that it can be solved.

Looking back, we have always chosen to do the projects we found exciting, rather than the projects that may have been smarter for our business. But I am not sure I would change that if I could.

If you could mix a bag of candy, what would you pick first?
I actually don’t eat candy that often, but it would have to be chocolate. A Bounty bar or Toblerone.

Who are you rooting for in Game of Thrones?
The dwarf. Tyrion. He is the only one who, in the end, is a decent human. He is the only one who doesn’t change personalities or become an asshole from one episode to the next.