Name: Jeppe Troelsgaard Bentzen
Education/Background: Master’s Degree in Digital Media Engineering
Position at Cadpeople:  AR/VR developer
How long at Cadpeople: 1,5 years

What is the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
To work with 3D development. I get to make some awesome AR and VR solutions and challenge what the technologies can do. And I get to do a lot of programming.

What attracted you to Cadpeople when you applied for a job here?
I used to do regular software development and I really wanted to work with 3D, and Cadpeople was a perfect match for that.

What is the most important characteristic of a developer here at Cadpeople?
You need to be a team player and a great developer.  It’s important that you like to try new things and develop new technologies.

Can you describe Cadpeople in one word or sentence?
We push the limits for what’s technologically possible.

Do you have an all-time favourite project? Why?
I have done a lot of AR projects and I generally really like working on those. I believe that AR is the way forward, and I find it exciting to place 3D objects in the real world and make it work.

If you could dictate the lunch menu, what would we eat?
There would be pizza with beef, red pepper and onions. Generally, there would be a lot more chilli and garlic in our food. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a beekeeper and then I like to programme my own games, which is pretty much the same thing I do when I’m at work. You could say that I made my hobby my work. Besides that, I like to work out and go on survival trips where we sleep in shelters.

If you had to mix a bag of candy, what would you choose first?
Definitely eucalyptus wine gums. I love them and they’re so rare to find.