Name Thomas Krämer
Education/background Media Graphic Artist at Aarhus Tech. Before that, I was a full-time musician, but I decided to get an education and play my own music in my spare time.
Position at Cadpeople Art Director
How long at Cadpeople? Since about 2006-ish.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at Cadpeople?
You’re never bored. We never make the same thing twice, so that keeps you on your toes, and you can’t just lean back. My job has also changed a lot from just graphics to art direction, concept development, and video. If you’re passionate about something, you get to do that here.

How do you get inspired?
In a lot of different ways, actually. It is super important to talk to other people, brainstorm with them and throw ideas at each other. But I actually get most of my ideas on the way home on my bike, when I’m alone and disconnect my brain, that’s where the best ideas come from. You can’t force it, and they almost always come at the least convenient moments. It was actually the same thing back when I used to write a lot of music. I would suddenly have an idea for a song, and I would have to hold on to that idea until I got home and could record it on the tape recorder in my apartment.

What is the most important characteristic of an Art Director here at Cadpeople?
We are not just one type of Art Director, we are actually very different and are good at different things. That combination is what makes Cadpeople a great place.

If you had to mix a bag of candy, what would you choose first?
I rarely buy candy for myself, it’s mostly for my kids. But if there’s candy in front of me, I will eat it all.

Who do you think will win the World Cup?
I used to watch football when I was younger, but not today. I don’t know anything. But as a rule, I’m rooting for Brazil, even though I think Neymar is getting a lot of criticism these days.