#HEALTHTECH is our business.

In the fall, we had the honour of being one of 10 participants in a portrait series of Region Midtjylland’s ecosystem for health innovation.

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Q: How does your business participate in the ecosystem for health tech innovation in Region Midtjylland?

A: Basically, we participate as a provider of solutions to concrete challenges in the healthcare ecosystem. For example, we develop e-learning programs and VR training.

Our projects demand innovation in digital marketing, digital communications and digital training. Those fields are continually developing, and we are a big part of the innovative dimension. Mostly with private businesses, but also the public sector.

We also develop systems to handle the public procurements at hospitals. We try to influence decisions a little bit, but we are more of a subcontractor than a business partner.

Q: What are the barriers limiting more and better health tech innovation in Region Midtjylland?

A: The barrier is that we have no idea what considerations are taking place with decision-makers in the healthcare ecosystem.

We have ongoing dialogues with other partners in the ecosystem – MTIC, Systematic and Alexandra Instituttet, to name a few – about how to position ourselves in terms of future consolidation in the Life Science areas.

But we lack the contact with hospital leadership, the ones who actually face the challenges we want to solve. When we make contact every once in a while, it often happens coincidentally. There is no process or common platform or network where we can meet up.

In the US and Israel, there is a much more organised network between hospitals and businesses, where they meet regularly and can see what the other is working on and identify what the needs are. You identify the needs where they are, so to speak. We have wanted to establish something similar for a long time, but we currently don’t have the contact and relationships needed.

Q: What is the ecosystem for health tech innovation in Region Midtjylland supposed to deliver as a whole?

A: As a whole, it is supposed to deliver a process that lets needs meet professional expertise. Or that needs and expertise meet innovative businesses capable of embracing them. They should create that network in a process that can be joined easily – even if you are a young entrepreneur that doesn’t yet know all the right people in the ecosystem.

At the same time, the ecosystem should always focus on the citizen as the end-user. It should deliver the solutions that benefit the citizens. The intermediary is often healthcare workers like nurses, who should have access to new and innovative solutions that lets them help the citizens in the best way possible.

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