by Rasmus Wærling Riiser,
Social Media, Cadpeople

While most of us walk around care-free in the analogue world, the VR and AR industries are running on full steam. Here are three snack-sized VR and AR news:

The Weather Channel puts its trust in Mixed Reality

Mixed reality continues its entry into mainstream culture. The latest step on the path is the weather report.

The American TV station The Weather Channel will now utilise mixed reality in their broadcasting in order to bring the extraordinary weather phenomena even closer to the viewer. With the help of mixed reality, the host can be placed in the middle of tornadoes and floods – without leaving the studio. Just look at the images below. It’s pretty cool!

Samsung patents 200-degree-FoW HMD

And now to a development in the tech-heavy end of the spectrum – Samsung recently patented a HMD design with a curved display which gives a field of view of 200 degrees. Popular HMDs like the Rift and Vive boast a field of view of 110 degrees, so we are getting a lot closer to the approx. 210 degrees that the human vision normally registers.

If this design becomes reality, it will be an exciting development towards completely immersive VR experiences. You can see the entire patent here.

A new VR game distracts needle-scared children

Children are notoriously scared of needles. But fear no more – the solution is here. Videnscenter for Børnesmerter and the VR firm Khora have developed a VR game that steals the child’s attention away from the small but painful pricks.

It’s not rocket science – but it is a great example of a solution that utilises the potential of VR in a simple and effective way. Watch a video of the solution in use here: