by Rasmus Wærling Riiser,
Social Media, Cadpeople

We are super excited to announce that we have won an award at the Learning Technologies Awards in London! Universal Robots Academy, developed by Universal Robots and Cadpeople, has been awarded silver in the category “Excellence in the design of learning content – international commercial sector” at the internationally prestigious Learning Technologies Awards! Watch the announcement to below:

The judges had this to say about the selection:
The Universal Robots Academy is a free online training platform for robot programming developed by Universal Robots and Cadpeople. Its objective is to create a free, accessible and scalable training solution that could grow with the company. They wanted to reach a wider audience than is possible with personal training and to attract new customers and spread the word about advanced robotics.
Overall, the judges loved the design and approach. They admired the effective use of digital simulations to teach complex technical skills and how complex engineering content was made simple and easy to interact with. They also noted that Cadpeople worked miracles with Articulate Storyline2 as they thought it was done with custom code. The uptake and completion rates are extremely positive and the resulting learning outcomes achieve the competency levels required to perform key robot set-up tasks in real environments or to gain the base knowledge/skill levels required to attend core classroom-based training.

The Learning Technologies Awards are internationally recognized and prestigious because of the wide array of participants, and the bar is set extremely high for any recipient. Therefore, we are honored to receive this recognition and take great pride in the hard work we have done together with Universal Robots.

What makes Universal Robots Academy a great piece of digital learning is the interactivity in the user experience – user involvement is deeply ingrained in every aspect of UR Academy, resulting in an astonishingly effective learning experience. Becoming a robot programmer, something that used to take weeks or months of training, can now be accomplished in just 87 minutes with UR Academy. Try it out for yourself!

Martin Woersaa Abildgaard, Technical Training Specialist at Universal Robots, says about the shortlisting: “In less than a year, 17.000 users from 80 countries has signed up for our online training, and we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback – so we are already convinced that we have created a good product that creates value for our customers and business partners. But to be among the finalists for a Learning Technologies Award is naturally great for us, since it is an acknowledgement of our hard work and craftsmanship from leading learning experts.”

It’s our second shortlisting in as many years – but these shortlistings don’t exactly grow on trees. How did we become a pioneer in digital learning? Thomas Juel, Partner & CSO at Cadpeople, explains: “We specialize in creating fun and engaging learning experiences. We translate complex learning content to intuitive and visually appealing courses that are easy to access, no matter your qualifications – and we take advantage of the newest digital tools. We realised several years ago that we could apply our understanding of communications and digital technology in the field of digital learning – so today, digital learning is one of our key business areas.”

You can read much more about Universal Robots Academy here.