Starting today, our address is Æbeløgade 2, 8000 Aarhus C. It is our third address in as many years. But we are not going anywhere! We are staying in the old sawmill, where we have been #MakingTheComplexSimple since June 2018. There is a simple reason for the address change – read it at the bottom of this post. But first, we want to put the spotlight on our beautiful old sawmill.

The story of the building itself starts centuries ago, way back in 1896. Back then, Tømremestrenes Damp-, Save- og Høvleværk was a sawmill and operated there until the 1970s. In its early days, it was actually the largest in Denmark and employed up to 100 men.

Today, the old sawmill is marked a building worthy of preservation by the state of Denmark, and therefore, few changes have been made to the original building. But where the sawmill was once the king of the surrounding industrial buildings, today it sits quietly between large new apartment complexes. If you ask us, the hip new surroundings only add to the charm of the old sawmill.

A lot has happened to the area since 1896, but the sawmill has persevered – and we feel that the raw look and charming ambience created by the large wooden constructions and arched windows fits our creative nature very well.

Now to the point of the story. The main entrance to our headquarters points out to Æbeløgade – not Hjortensgade, which was the street of our previous address. We wanted our address to reflect this fact, so, from now on, our address is Æbeløgade 2.

With this technicality out of the way, we will get back to creating powerful visual experiences together with our amazing clients and collaborators.

Flip through the pictures of our beautiful Aarhus office below!