by Sean Bruce, Business Development Manager, Cadpeople UK

An unlikely quarantine success story: The COVID-19 lockdown has opened our eyes to our colleagues across the North Sea, and we have actually strengthened our collaboration post-Brexit.

As an international company with offices in Scotland and Denmark, it’s fair to say that Brexit has had an impact on the way we do business. Adding in the impact of Covid-19 and 30% of the UK’s workforce furloughed, we expected a decline in activity. But in 2020, the opposite was true, with 2 new hires in the UK and 9 in Denmark!

And after an initial shock of new rules, we have found out some really interesting things about our business relationship. Firstly, the adoption of technology in the world has increased massively – especially in the area of communication tools. And, secondly, due to the increase in all our internal video calls and collaborative international projects, we have gotten to know much more about each other’s countries and culture.

We spent a lot of 2020 producing virtual events together with our clients. Many of these events have involved a very international audience and client development teams. 2020 was about companies “pivoting” and ensuring business continuity, and our team was there to provide guidance. Many organisations believed that the world would go back to a traditional workplace – however, so far in 2021 things are still the same, with enlightened businesses planning for the future.

As a starting point, we have taken the initial idea of a virtual event and developed it further. We now have our own hybrid event platform that can take many shapes – from virtual conferences and expos to virtual showrooms to major public events. You can read more about that here.

Throughout these projects, we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other on a more personal level. We’ve learned that Denmark has the oldest flag in the world and that the Danish language has no word for please, and that their alphabet has 3 extra letters! In return, they’ve realised that we don’t wear kilts to work usually, what haggis actually contains, and that our national animal is a Unicorn!

We can’t wait to come together for a well-deserved social weekend in the first European city to re-open safely!

Photos from our 2016-2019 summer trips to Edinburgh, Aarhus & Hamburg:


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