A virtual platform: Connecting people virtually in your own tailored environment

A virtual platform can contain whatever you like – even hybrids between physical and digital events, so that everyone, no matter where in the world they are, can participate in your event.

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Some of our virtual platforms

CooperSurgical's virtual clinic
With a virtual clinic, we transformed CooperSurgical’s fact-oriented style into a value-oriented communication platform. Everyone interested can learn about CooperSurgical’s work in fertility and genomics by clicking around and exploring the virtual clinic.
DI Digital's hybrid summit
DI Digital’s yearly summit is a perfect example of a hybrid event that combines physical and digital participation – and raised the number of attendees by 300%. We redesigned Industriens Hus digitally and created a sense of real presence by having a real, green-screened person welcome everyone individually, live-streaming the talks, and recreating the whole conference area digitally.
Internet Week Denmark 2021
Denmark’s leading tech festival goes virtual in a distinct universe where the mantra was “more experience, less webinar”. Through the online festival, we hosted more than 80 events in our “state of the art container-castle-platform,” as the client called it.
Ørsted's Plan Care Communicate universe
Internal platform that ties the business together in one visual universe. It helps erase the borders between BU’s and make it clear that every part of the business is in the same boat and have the same goals for both Ørsted and Plan Care Communicate.
WODEN's virtual showroom
We decided to digitally recreate WODEN's showroom in a 360-degree 3D environment, where people could explore the hundreds of styles through images and film. The visitors could add specific products that they liked to their favourites and share them with their colleagues. The reception has been overwhelming, and with this new digital tool, the sales team can make significant progress with clients across the globe.
Polytech's virtual expo stand
When WindEnergy Hamburg 2020 was moved online, Polytech wanted their participation to match the company’s expertise and innovative spirit. Together, we created a virtual expo, where you can hear about Polytech’s products and services from their own experts.
TEC's virtual open school
We created a visual universe that tells the stories of everyday life at the high schools and gives the future students a chance to meet current students and ask counsellors for advice.
Danish Pig Genetic's virtual universe
Without the opportunity to meet with current and potential customers and partners, Danish Pig Genetics wanted a way to showcase their expertise virtually and in an engaging way. Together with them, we created a virtual universe where you can learn all about their work, read case stories from their customers, and hear specifics from their scientists.
Copenhagen Pride Week 2020
In the summer of 2020, the challenge was clear: How could we help celebrate Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 while keeping everyone involved safe and healthy? We digitised Copenhagen Pride Week 2020, allowing the celebration to embrace even more people than before – and everyone interested could take part in the festivities while maintaining a healthy distance.
Copenhagen Pride

Reduce the economic and environmental costs of travelling and hosting events.

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Keep your customers up to date with products and the latest news instantly.

VR Headset

Reach more people and new target groups across borders.

Keep your world open

We strongly believe that the digital stage sets the agenda for the way we meet in the future.

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Without getting too technical...

Our virtual exhibition platform allows you to combine a lot of different elements into one user-friendly platform. What’s even better about these solutions is that you can start with something simple like an exhibition or sales tool and add additional elements later down the line.

  • A sales tool for your team to use worldwide
  • An online exhibition
  • An exhibition stand within an existing virtual exhibition
  • An interactive showcase for your products & services
  • ...or all of the above rolled into one!

Why choose a virtual platform?

After the event, use your virtual platform as a digital presentation tool or as a container for digital learning.

Create a real sense of presence and participation.

Invest in your future and ensure that your company is digitally future proof.

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