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3D visualisation

We visualise, you sell

Wherever design or innovation is in focus there is a need for visualisation

We have visualised whole neighbourhoods, motorways, airports, buildings, living rooms, hoovers, wind turbines, pumps, toilet seats and even a low calorie cake. We take care of the detail in every aspect of the visualisation and make sure they communicate valuable information, precisely.

In-house visualisers

At Cadpeople, we are a team of competent in-house visualisers with backgrounds in design and architecture.

We help architects produce high-quality photo-realistic visualisations utilising design information created in the design process.

We can help you with

  • Various inputs from 2D sketches to Revit models.
  • The ability to add natural emotion, style, season, and ambience to the visuals.
  • An extensive library of design components, landscape elements, and props in our 3D model bank.
  • Option to upgrade visuals to interactive or motion graphics presentation and full-blown 3D animation films.
  • Real-time walk-through 3D models.
  • Cost-effective VR solutions supplied for low-cost untethered VR headsets.

3D visualisation for architects, constructors, and developers

Some of our forces

Large in-house render farm for quick rendering

Fast turnaround and scalable, deadline-focused production

Organised review process using our ReviewStudio online platform

Scalability – we have a big team of 3D specialists


We have a committed and high-skilled 3D team that can scale up from one day to another. Our 3D experts not only make your 3D model come alive, but they also make it shine, convince, and tell the story you need it to convey.

Let us assist you when you are planning a project and need to convince different stakeholders and investors that your project is the one.

We do more

At Cadpeople, we are specialists in our field and have worked with 3D visualisations forever (more than 20 years). We can scale up and go big if needed, and we deliver high-end visualisations, that can make any room go ‘wow.’

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