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Data visualisation elevates insights

Arla Foods Ingredients

The challenge

Visualisation on consumer insights

At Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), they wanted consumer insights to be the fourth stronghold in their business - alongside nutrition, science, and concepts.

AFI’s customers in the sports nutrition industry struggled to understand the mainstream consumers because they are used to targeting athletes and bodybuilders.

The solution

Insights City

AFI asked Cadpeople for help structuring, visualising, and showcasing huge amounts of data insights about their customers’ customers in a crisp, understandable, and convincing way so that AFI could stand out as a progressive company with in-depth knowledge about the mainstream consumer.

Our creative approach was to create context around the data in an enormous 3D environment – a real world, with real consumers.

We created Insights City.

The value

Digital presentation tool

AFI wanted to use the insights platform as a presentation tool in sales and marketing, and in meetings with clients. And it turns out that AFI uses the platform even more than they thought they would.

How is the solution used?

The data platform was initially developed to present complex data to AFI’s customers but is now also used internally. For example, when AFI has ideation sessions on a new solution, they use the platform to share knowledge within the organisation and push a culture where every decision is data-driven.

Usually, when you present this amount of data to people, they get fatigued. But we don’t experience that with this platform.

People don’t get tired of it - it inspires them to ask questions and want to learn more


Anne Hoest Stenbaek, Head of Marketing, Arla Foods Ingredients



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