New AR app from eurodan-huse makes it easier to build the perfect home.


How might a black kitchen look? How will three rooms instead of four affect the light in the living room? What about these tiles – are they too colourful? And where would be the perfect place for the terrace?

The decisions are many when building a house. And they often require customers to have an outstanding imagination for colours, materials and space. Therefore, eurodan-huse wanted to make all these essential decisions easier and much safer for their customers.

With the new app, you can place a tiny version of your dream house on the table at home, or you can place it in its actual size on your build site in the real world. Taking a virtual walk in your dream home before it has been built is quite an experience!

Build a 3D version of your dream home

eurodan VISUAL is a completely unique inspiration tool for people dreaming of building a house. eurodan-huse’s new augmented reality app enables customers to choose and replace materials both outside and inside the house, test crazy ideas, redecorate and even visit the house before it is built.

In the app’s 3D universe, you can design several different houses to get a sense of what you like and dislike and what atmosphere the materials create.

The house you fall in love with will be your future home.

Visit your future home

The app uses augmented reality technology, which you may know from games like Pokémon GO!, where visual elements are placed in the real world. The AR technology is improving every year, and with it, we can create incredibly detailed visual experiences – for example, you can almost feel the texture of apples and oranges in a bowl in the kitchen of your virtual dream home.

Thousands of people have already downloaded eurodan VISUAL, and you can find it in both App Store and Google Play.

Enjoy the decision-making journey!


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