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A virtual walk in the park


The challenge

GreenLab Skive wants a power shift

GreenLab is a national research facility, and in their green industrial park in Skive, they generate, store, and share energy with local businesses. Through the park’s intelligent energy grid, businesses utilize energy, such as heat, electrofuels, and other green products even better. Together.

The solution

Better chances for finding new energy solutions

The more businesses the energy park holds, the better the chances are that GreenLab can test theories and succeed in finding viable green solutions to the world’s biggest challenge right now – climate change.

Therefore, we created an interactive map showcasing GreenLab Skive’s green industrial park and all the companies in it, since GreenLab wanted to inspire and teach shareholders and businesses about the possibilities in shared energies like wind, solar, and PtX technologies.

Experience the platform right here

The value

More visits – more exposure

We have developed an interactive platform that enables GreenLab Skive to invite shareholders and potential partners to visit their green park virtually. Also, GreenLab Skive can connect with new stakeholders worldwide before or after a physical visit.

The perspective

The Lab is open for curious visitors

The digital platform is embedded into GreenLab Skive’s website for curious visitors to explore the energy park on their own.

A digital platform has many forms of use. You can not only use it as a presentation tool, but also as a sales tool, a showroom, an open house environment, and a virtual event platform – just to mention a few.



Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790