Holding a major event virtually – in an engaging, inspiring and exciting way.


Last year, we helped GroupM create a virtual environment that realized their goal to engage, inspire and excite participants – even from home.

The participants loved it.

This year’s theme, with the headline “Unmute: Diversity & Inclusion in Media”, turns up the volume on an issue that is highly relevant in both society and business. And after more than a year of social distancing and Teams meetings, we are ready to look forward – and hit “Unmute”.

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In a society as diverse and colourful as ours, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) should have priority status for all of us.

Jill Martin,
Director, Communications, GroupM

“Unmute: Diversity & Inclusion in Media”

Even though we have chosen to keep the visual style close to last year’s virtual conference, this year’s theme is represented in the design with a subtle animated soundwave in the background of the virtual environment. We also added the animated mascot waving a flag and encouraging visitors to register for the event.

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As the largest communications agency in Austria, we see it as our responsibility to give this highly relevant social issue a stage. We focus on the local situation and create a podium for all generations: Together, we sharpen our focus and thus drive D&I developments in the domestic media and communications industry.

We are really excited about the fantastic line-up of speakers that we have managed to get together to talk about this important topic!

Jill Martin,
Director, Communications, GroupM


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