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Education: visual universe



How do we make young people’s educational choice engaging and informative when they cannot visit the schools?


We created a visual universe that tells the stories of everyday life at the high schools and give the young people a chance to meet current students and ask counsellors for advice.

Get to know your future education - virtually

Winter is upon us, and for many young people this means choosing the future education – and finally career. But as an educational institution, how do you invite people in, facilitate conversation and let current students and counsellors inspire the prospects/the ones to choose?

Well, a year ago, the obvious choice was to send an invite and let the young people come and visit you.

Participate virtually

Since we’ve said goodbye to the constraints of the physical space, why not stay open all year?

In a joint collaboration with TEC, Cadpeople has visually pimped Danish high schools with molecules, astronauts, starry skies and aquarium fish. And with solid, informational content and green screened introductions, we have created appetizers for the first three educational institutions, being the HC Ørsted Gymnasium of Lyngby, Ballerup and Frederiksberg.

Go visit here.


First schools to join the universe

These schools are just the first to join. Next, the vocational educations (EUD) are boarding, and the universe of digital schools will expand. The potential is great, and the journey exiting!


Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790