Bringing products to life in a virtual city.


TRIAX wished for their customers and potential buyers to be able to visualise how their products are capable of working together in multiple ways and different settings.

They wanted to bring their analogue product catalogue to life through a website where the products are displayed in their natural usage situations. 

Behind the solution

The visual designers in our Edinburgh office animated a city in complete 3D. From the front page that shows an outlook of the city, you can choose to zoom in closely on a school, a care home, a hotel and a campsite. All of TRIAX’ products have been put to use in clever solutions at each location with different purposes. At each location, you can read detailed descriptions about the products as well as watch animated sequences of the products in action.

The ambition behind the 3D animations was to make the city and the buildings as life-like as possible, to create a sense of identification with the user. The realistic surroundings make it easier to visualise the products adapted to different needs in real life.

The website is constructed in a way that makes it easy to expand the city, add new buildings or alter existing ones, to meet occurring needs. The website is also made to work on big screens to showcase at exhibitions and works on tablets as well, so sales reps easily can bring it to present all around the world.


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