COVID-19 changed the game.


In the spring of 2020, the conditions for large events, expos, product launches, conferences – all events that bring people together, actually – suddenly changed dramatically.

At Cadpeople, we wanted to redesign large events, so that people across the world could still engage with each other – only virtually.

We had the knowledge, the tools and the 28 years of experience required to quickly rethink our projects to meet the challenges of this new and different world. Some events became 100% digital, while some became hybrid events, combining physical and digital participation.

Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 redesigned

Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 was redesigned as a digital town hall square in 3D, where events and debates were live-streamed all week.

By digitizing the Copenhagen Pride Week, we could embrace even more people than before, and everyone interested could participate while keeping a safe distance.

In addition to the digital town hall square, we created several extra features for the participants to explore – including a “hall of fame”, a look at the history of Copenhagen Pride, cultural highlights, visits to the town hall, and of course glitter, colours, seriousness and fun.

DI Digital’s hybrid summit

DI (Dansk Industri) was about to host the yearly summit for DI Digital, the community for the IT, telecom, electronics and communications industries. DI Digital works to make sure that Denmark becomes the #1 country for the technology industry.

We wanted to let DI Digital keep their physical summit setup. But we wanted to let everyone interested participate – even with the coronavirus restrictions in place.

We redesigned Industriens Hus digitally and created a sense of real presence by having a real, green-screened person welcome everyone individually, by live-streaming the talks, and by recreating the whole conference area digitally. This way, people could participate from home and experience the whole summit – but without parking and tired legs.

There is a lot of talk about hybrid events today – and DI Digital’s yearly summit is a perfect example of an event that combines physical and digital participation.

A live-streamed launch of a groundbreaking Greentech product

Coronavirus restrictions were a challenge for Ballard, who were about to launch a groundbreaking Greentech solution: a hydrogen-powered fuel cell for ferries and smaller ships that lets them sail with only air and water as the biproducts. Impressive, right?

Cadpeople and Ballard came together around a digital product launch that reached the eyes and ears of more than 1000 participants worldwide – on the day itself.

Part of the solution was a visual concept and a film that presents the FCwave product. Another part was a live event, where the product was launched in a live-streamed talk from Cadpeople’s headquarters in Aarhus.

For the launch itself, we had built a small TV studio, and the product launch followed a thorough and detailed script with segments, 3D-visualisations, film and a Q&A session.

Showroom gone digital

For WODEN, the challenge was very clear. They needed to launch their new summer 2021 line of fashion sneakers for, well, the whole world.

Whenever they had new products to unveil, WODEN would usually invite customers to expos and into their physical showroom at their office in Aarhus.

So, we decided to digitally recreate their showroom in a 360-degree 3D environment, where people could explore the hundreds of styles through images and film. The visitors could add specific products that they liked to their favourites and later share them with their colleagues.

The reception was overwhelming, and with this new digital tool, the sales team could actually make great progress with clients across the globe.


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