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Our process

The value of a workflow

Our experience tells us that creative projects need to go through some crucial phases. Therefore, we always work from a well-defined workflow where we start by focusing entirely on your needs, target groups, messages, goals, and success criteria for a project.

It is in our DNA to make the complex simple.

Our process phases

Phase 01

Sales and inspiration

Phase 02

Insights and proposal

Phase 03

Concept development

Phase 04

Production and development

Phase 05


From concept to implementation

Our process secures that we know exactly what to achieve before starting the creative, conceptual process where we think, feel, and challenge you so we can develop the best possible solution for you

After gathering the insights we need, we start developing the concept, choosing the relevant technology, producing content, developing the solution - and finally we test and implement your solution.

Collaboration, always

We believe that it is in the collaboration that the perfect solution emerges. So, throughout all phases of our workflow we work closely together with you to ensure trust, involvement, and agile production.

Scroll down and get to know the different phases in our process.

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