AR table with an impressive depth of detail.


When Beumer Group came to us, they brought a complex 3D drawing of their new baggage handling system. A system that sought to innovate and streamline the way luggage is handled in airports of the future, from the moment the baggage is dropped off until the moment it is claimed again while minimizing environmental footprints and reducing the number of people required to manage it at the same time.

Beumer Group wanted to make potential clients visualize this complex and innovative new system and wanted a solution they could bring as a sales tool at exhibitions and events.

Behind the solution

For Beumer Group, we created an AR table that lets the user explore an entire airport baggage handling system in 3D using an iPad. The AR solution allows the visitor to actively experience the system by walking around and discovering it from the inside.

Working closely with the Beumer Group engineers who developed the system resulted in an impressive amount of detail and depth to the AR solution, enabling the user to zoom in on very specific areas.

As a supplement to this, we created a series of animated movies with highlights from the AR solution to tell a unified story about Beumer Group’s vision for the airports of tomorrow.

The results

The AR table proved to be a great success and a great conversation starter at exhibitions, and the AR solution has now been expanded to also include other logistic systems.


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