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Digital learning - video and quiz



Many electricians work under the wrong set of rules when servicing machinery. That is dangerous – so how do we convince electricians that they need to know the right rules?


Create a humorous video and a quiz that challenges and provokes electricians’ professionalism and ambition to do a good job.

Helping EVU attract attention

To be, or not to be - dangerous. Helping EVU attract attention by provoking and talking directly to electricians’ pride and inner perfectionist.

“Are you also a danger to yourself and others?”

That is the question electricians are asked in a new humorous video that makes electricians consider whether they follow the rules of The Machinery Directive correctly – or not.

The need for attention

Most electricians are proud of their profession. They work to do their best, and they are reliable.

When many electricians risk harming themselves and others and risk creating enormous economic consequences for the companies they work, it is not because of bad will – It is because they do not know.

Therefore, EVU – the education secretariat of the electrical and plumbing industry – asked us for help to create new, interesting material that attracts electricians’ attention to the rules of The Machinery Directive – something that could serve as both a marketing campaign for The Machinery Directive course, but also function as the introduction to the course itself.

A humorous video and a quiz to do the job

We created a humorous video animation that points out the typical mix-ups between Directives, and we showed the need for a better understanding of the different set of rules by making an interactive quiz that clarifies what is right and wrong in order to work safely with electricity on machinery.

By trying to solve the hard quiz correctly, the electricians see for themselves that distinguishing between the rules is difficult – and that they might need EVU’s course.



Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790