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Shaping the Future of ROC Drills

A Partnership Built on Experience

Cadpeople has spent 25 years immersed in the world of wind, specialising in digital visual tools.

Meanwhile, RoC Consult, steered by Carsten Sølund – a former Major in the Danish armed forces – has been executing ROC drills in complex projects.

Now, as equal partners, we unite our unique strengths to offer something genuinely transformative.

Introducing the Virtual RoC Drill

We're proud to present our collaborative solution: the Virtual RoC Drill. This hybrid model offers a practical approach to project planning, allowing teams to rehearse online in a setup that mirrors real-life environments. In an age where the wind industry grows daily, our virtual twin ensures that rehearsal and training keep pace, without the need for constant travel.

Full-Scope, Future-Ready

Our combined expertise fills the gaps. While Cadpeople brings a legacy of digital simulations, RoC Consult provides the hands-on ROC drill know-how. Together, we deliver a comprehensive solution: a blend of the physical and digital, perfect for today's fast-moving world. Clients now have the tools to plan, rehearse, and execute projects with unmatched precision.

How to get started

Download our whitepaper.

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