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VR experience



How do we convey the features of the Brynje 600 series in an attention-grabbing way?


Create a VR experience showcasing the product features in a real-world working environment.

Challenge and ambitions

In early 2018, Sika Footwear was about to launch the Brynje 600 series of safety shoes. The target audience was men, primarily manual workers, in the ages of 18 to 40 years, and Sika Footwear wanted to grab their attention and engage them in the new product series and its features. They wanted a way to show off the Brynje 600 series at exhibitions and events – where the end-user is – and put potential clients ‘in their shoes’, so to speak.

Behind the solution

We created a VR experience where the user gets to experience the benefits of the Brynje 600 series. You are placed in a construction site 3D environment and led through three different scenarios illustrating the innovative features of the product: First, you see how the shoe protects the foot from stepping sharp objects through the outsole or the toes from being hurt by falling objects and compression. Then, you are shown how the shape of the outsole is specifically designed to safely and comfortably climb ladders. Last, but not least, you are taken to the top of the construction site with a dizzying view, where you are shown how the slip-resistant outsole keeps you from a dangerous fall.

In addition to the VR experience, we produced a teaser video for Sika Footwear’s social media channels. The video announces the new product series and effectively brands it in a no-nonsense, hard-working context:



The team has been great, and we have had a good dialogue and a good process from the very start. I don’t think that this is the last time we are going to collaborate with Cadpeople.

Tove Kirkegaard, Marketing Manager, Sika Footwear



Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
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