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Visual identity



Aarhus International School felt the need to redefine and rebrand, who and what the school stands for. It had come to the point where it has developed into greater maturity and into a more professional way of operating the school. But the school missed a name, a logo, and a colour palette to express exactly this.


The collaboration with Aarhus International School turned into a passion project for us at Cadpeople. We wanted to help the school achieve the look and feel of the motto “Be better than your best”. So we produced a new visual identity, gave the school their new name and a youthful, multifaceted logo that fits into the environment in Aarhus.

Dedication, creativity, and a global mindset

Even though the new brand Aarhus International School clearly states the mission, we wanted to take it further, because we met a school with open arms and dedicated people. They all wanted to make their school a place with an altered professional level, but also an area with room for creativity and relations. These values are the foundation for the new visual identity.

A mission that we needed to embark on

Once in awhile, we come across people with a mission so strong, that the only thing to do is to help. No matter what the calendar, staff-hours or the number on the invoice says. Aarhus International School (former AAGE) is filled with such people.

That’s why we decided to help the school, the students, their parents, and the board of directors with visuals that could help spread their mission.


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601